Q: What is intellectual property law?

A: Depending on the form of your idea, intellectual property law may be able to protect it. Intellectual property law is a catchall name for several distinct areas of law, such as trademark, trade secret, and copyright. Each of these areas protects different activities and has different requirements. The first step in protecting your idea is to speak with legal counsel to discuss which area of intellectual property best suits your needs. 

Q: How is intellectual property law connected to my business?

A: Trademark and copyright management and enforcement is an important component to the success of any business. As with any asset, a company’s brand and product name require protection so that consumers associate the quality of those products or services with the company that provides them. At The PLK Law Group, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong Intellectual Property portfolio and have made this area one of our primary focuses. As a reputable firm with over 10 years of legal experience, The PLK Law Group has the knowledge and experience to properly address your Intellectual Property needs. The firm focuses on all aspects of copyright and trademark law, both in litigation and in the transactional area. The PLK Law Group’s expertise ranges from procuring copyrights and trademarks to vigorously protecting and defending rights under copyright and trademark law.



Q: What is a trademark?

A: A trademark can be any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof used by a person in commerce to identify and distinguish his or her goods from those manufactured or sold by others and to indicate the source of the goods. A service mark is the same as a trademark, but is used to identify, distinguish and indicate the source of services. Trademarks and service marks may be notated with a “TM” or “SM”, respectively, to alert the public to the owner’s rights in the mark. Owners that register their marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office may instead use the registered mark symbol.

The PLK Law Group is experienced in working with trademarks and can help you register the names, logos and designs that identify your business. We can also enforce your trademarks in court if it is discovered that someone else is trying to imitate your mark for their own profit. Additionally, the PLK Law Group can help license out the right to use your trademarks to others and create additional revenue for your company.